What Type of Tow Truck Do You Need?

What’s Available For You?

When you vehicle breaks down or if you get into an accident, a lot of times you’ll be in a situation where you may need a tow truck. Although the ideal situation is that you’ll be able to drive your car to a local shop, that’s not always going to be the case. But it’s also important that you request the right type of tow truck, as having your car towed improperly could further damage your vehicle.

Types of Tow Trucks

The team at J.D. Collision Express is here to help you understand what’s available to you. If you need a tow truck, make sure to keep these types of trucks in mind when putting in a request.

  1. Flatbed: This is what you’ll more than likely need when you request a tow truck. The vehicle will sit on the long “flatbed” behind the truck and is used for vehicles that are badly damaged or totalled. Because the entire vehicle is being “carried” instead of “pulled”, this is the safest option for your vehicle.
  2. Integrated: These are typically used for heavy-duty jobs. Integrated trucks allow the driver to not only tow vehicles but also pull them out of difficult situations. These trucks usually come equipped with additional axles for strength and stability.
  3. Hook & Chain: Once a popular and commonly used model, hook & chain tow trucks have quickly lost their popularity. These truks come equipped with exactly that — a hook and chain. But unless your car is totaled, this type of truck isn’t the best option for you as it can cause damage to your car. If you own an all-wheel-drive vehicle, this truck can also damage the drivetrain, so we advise you to stay away.
  4. Wheel-Lift: These are slightly similar to hook & chain trucks, however, the wheel-lift replaces the chain with a metal yoke that can lift the front or rear set of tires. This is much better than a hook & chain, as it won’t be pulling on your car’s exterior. With that said, it isn’t the most ideal selection because your car is still being pulled, but it works well enough for local tows.

We Have Trucks Available For You

If your car needs towing, you must have it towed by the right truck and sent to the proper professionals. J.D. Collision Express in San Antonio, Texas, can help with exactly that! We’re able to safely tow your car to our facility and provide high-quality collision services that will restore your car’s appearance and performance. Stop by our shop and learn how our professionals can help you and your vehicle.

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