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Can I choose a body repair shop?

You do have a choice. It is your car and you can select where you want to go for repairs.

By selecting JD Collision Express, you will have a team of professionals who are focused on providing you the very best in service and repairs. Our certified technicians only use parts recommended by the manufacturer to guarantee your car is restored to its original condition.

Will I know ahead of time how long the repairs will take?

At JD Collision Express, we will always provide you with an estimated date for completion so you know approximately when your vehicle will be ready. Our team does whatever it takes to exceed your expectations for repair and service.

The amount of time it takes to repair a vehicle depends on how much damage needs to be repaired, how quickly we can receive parts, and getting approval from the insurance company.

There are times when hidden damage or shipping delays for parts may create an unexpected delay. When this happens, we will immediately contact you and work to find a possible solution, so you are not without your vehicle any longer than expected.

Do I have to get the estimate in-person or can I do it over the phone?

At JD Collision Express, we want to provide you with the most precise estimate possible. This requires an in-person estimate by our certified technicians that is free of charge. They know how to look for less obvious damage that isn’t apparent in a photo or by discussing over the phone.

Once our technicians inspect the vehicle, they use professional estimating software to determine the estimate.

Who issues my claim number?

When you report the accident to your insurance company, they will issue your claim number. We need the claim number before beginning repairs to your vehicle. If you don’t have the number, let us know and we can contact your insurance agent for you. Our team can help you with insurance claims.

What does it mean to be a direct repair shop?

JD Collision Express is proud to be a direct repair shop. This means we work with insurance companies as a “preferred shop.” We must meet specific requirements that include our technicians being certified, having a solid record of satisfied customers, and having the necessary equipment to make quality repairs. We are regularly monitored by the insurance companies so we can maintain this designation.

When you use a direct repair shop like JD Collision Express, the estimate can be written, parts can be ordered, and repairs can begin without waiting on an insurance adjuster. This makes the entire collision repair process more efficient.

Who can let me know if I owe a deductible?

Your insurance policy states the details about any deductible you may owe. The insurance company may waive a deductible if you carry broad collision and were not determined to be at fault. Contact your insurance agent with any questions you have about a deductible or your policy.

Why do I owe a betterment charge?

If items like batteries or tires that wear out with use were replaced during the repair process, they are subject to betterment charges that are determined by your insurance company. The charge is prorated based on vehicle mileage.

How soon are parts ordered for the repairs?

At JD Collision Express, we order parts once the estimate is written and a date has been scheduled to drop off your vehicle for repairs. This allows us to provide a faster repair time.

If it is determined during the estimate that a car is not safe to drive, we immediately order parts and can reserve a rental car for you, if needed.

If I have damage to the frame, is my car totaled?

If the repair cost is more than the value of your vehicle, determined by your insurance company, then it is a total loss. Any damage to the frame does not necessarily mean the car is totaled.

The expert technicians at JD Collision Express can repair a damaged frame back to its original factory condition. If any part of the frame is heavily damaged and cannot be repaired, that section can be replaced.

Will new paint blend with the color of my car?

JD Collision Express has the latest and finest paint system available so we can guarantee a precise paint match on any vehicle color. We take pride in having the right technology combined with expert skills to provide a factory-finish match to your car.

Can I have prior damage fixed while new damage is being repaired?

We can work on any damage you need repaired, all during the same visit. During your estimate, let us know any damage you would like repaired.

Do you provide assistance getting a rental car?

Our friendly team at JD Collision Express can reserve a rental car for you. It’s part of our commitment to make collision repair hassle-free.

If you are unsure if your insurance policy covers a rental car, contact your agent. Insurance companies only pay for a rental car if it’s included in the policy.

Will I be notified when my car is ready?

When the repairs are complete, we will contact you to pick up your car.

If you would like to follow the repair progress, you can login to the JD Collision Express website and view the status of your vehicle repairs. If you have any questions about the status or concerns, please give us a call.

Should I schedule an appointment for collision repair?

Once your estimate is complete, we will work with you to schedule a time to leave your vehicle with us for repair.