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For some drivers, how your car looks is almost as important as how it performs. All vehicle owners want to be driving a clean and pristine vehicle that inspires confidence within the driver and envy amongst their peers. But that won't be the case if your car looks dull and old, and that's where J.D. Collision Express can help. Our shop in San Antonio, Texas, is home to knowledgeable technicians and service advisors that can restore your car's shine and luster. They work with you to find the right look for your car, whether it be a quick touch-up or a completely new color. Then they'll quickly and properly apply the paint to your car so you can get on the road in a vehicle you can be proud of.


Why Get an Auto Paint Service?

When it comes to your car's appearance, you may not have thought that it requires an auto paint service, and understandably so. But a new coat of paint could do wonders for both you and your vehicle in the short and long-term. Not sure what that may be? Here are a couple of benefits you'll see when you opt for an auto paint service:

Increased Value

As you start to drive your vehicle through various conditions (snow, rain, hail, etc.), it's exterior slowly begins to lose some of its luster. What looked beautiful after your initial purchase has, understandably, begin to look old and dull. This hurts your car's value and will impact how much you get back if you're looking to trade it in for something else. A new paint job can help restore its original appearance and improve its value to potential buyers, which is great for both your confidence and wallet.

Improved Care

When a new coat of paint is applied to your vehicle, a funny thing happens: you start to take better care of your vehicle. You'll notice it by the way you drive or even by how you care for your car's interior. Seeing your car looking clean and pristine not only provides you with confidence, but it also gives you a higher incentive to maintain its appearance inside and out.

We're Ready to Help

Make it look like you've just driven your vehicle off the lot and schedule an auto painting service with J.D. Collision Express in San Antonio, Texas. Our knowledgeable and experienced auto professionals work with you to find the right color and finish for your vehicle. They'll quickly apply your selection onto your vehicle, so you can drive around town with the confidence you deserve. Whether you're looking for a touch-up or a brand new color, our team has you covered. Schedule your auto paint service by giving us a call at (210) 432-3535, as our team is always ready to assist. If you’d like to stop by and chat with our team face-to-face, don’t be afraid to stop by our shop on 121 Garner Street. We happily accept walk-ins and would love to hear how we can bring the best out of your vehicle's appearance.