Dent Repair in San Antonio, TX

We’ll Properly Fix Car Dents-- J.D. Collision Express

When you look at your vehicle, you should look at it with pride and appreciation. This is only heightened when your car is looking clean and pristine. But this feeling can quickly shift to frustration and even embarrassment if there’s a sizeable dent. At J.D. Collision Express in San Antonio, Texas, we want you to make sure your car is always looking its best, and that’s why we offer a comprehensive dent repair service. We work meticulously to locate the dent and perform the necessary repairs to restore it to its previous condition. Whether your car suffered damage from a door ding or a collision, know that our team will do their best to ensure your vehicle is looking like it once did or better.


Should You DIY?

When we see minor damage to our vehicles, it can be tempting to fix the issue yourself. The thought process is understandable too, as it can take a significant amount of time to visit an auto shop for service. And depending on the shop, it could cost a pretty penny too. From pouring hot water on a dent to removal kits, there are a lot of methods for removing a dent yourself. But just because you can do it yourself, doesn’t mean you should. The big risk that vehicle owners make when they attempt a DIY dent repair -- especially if they aren’t familiar with the process -- is that they could mask the problem without truly fixing it or overdue the fix and cause a different problem. Once a dent is bubbled the wrong way or made even bigger, the issue becomes a lot harder to fix. That’s why at J.D. Collision Express, we highly recommend you bring your car in for service no matter how big or small the dent is. Our trained and experienced technicians carry extensive knowledge of the dent removal process and have access to the proper equipment needed to solve the issue without causing additional damage. In their hands, you’ll quickly forget there was a blemish on your vehicle.

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Whatever auto body damage your car has suffered from, make sure you place your vehicle in the hands of J.D. Collision Express, the trusted dent removal experts in San Antonio, Texas. Our highly trained dent repair team can evaluate the damage and provide the proper services to ensure those dents are gone from your car’s exterior. Know that in our hands, your vehicle will be looking its best. Have questions about our process? Want to schedule an appointment? Give us a call at (210) 432-3535 or visit us on 121 Garner Street, as we happily accept walk-in clients. We’d be more than happy to chat and find the proper solutions for you and your vehicle!