Keep Your Car’s Paint Looking Pristine

Six Auto Paint Problems You Need to Know About

Whether you drive a brand-new vehicle or a high-mileage clunker, you take pride in your car’s appearance. Not only will pristine paint make your car look great, but it will also boost its resale value.

If your auto paint has unsightly scratches and scrapes, you may be tempted to perform a DIY paint job in your driveway. However, this can cause more harm than good.

The auto painting experts at JD Collision Express in San Antonio, Texas, are here to explain six problems that can result from a bogus DIY paint job.

  1. Air Trapping
  2. If you’re not an experienced automotive paint technician, then you probably don’t know how to properly prepare your car before applying the paint. If the car’s surface isn’t clean or if there’s silicone wax on it, it may cause paint bubbles. This happens because of the air trapped under the paint.

  3. Bleeding
  4. This issue can happen when the original finish spills through the fresh topcoat, causing a mottled appearance. Bleeding is typically the result of poor preparation or lighter paint colors.

  5. Running Paint
  6. If you apply paint in heavy amounts, it could start to slide down the side of your car. Once dry, the paint will look thick and uneven in some areas.

  7. Peeling
  8. Car paint needs plenty of time to dry so that it can adhere correctly. If you drive a car with wet paint, the layers can separate and start to peel off the vehicle.

  9. Mottling
  10. This is a common problem with metallic finishes. If you use improper application methods, including unbalanced spray patterns or incorrectly tilting your spray gun, it can lead to mottling.

  11. Dirt and Debris
  12. Professional auto paint jobs are conducted in closed, controlled spaces. If you attempt a DIY paint job in your driveway, dust and debris can make their way under the paint, ruining the entire paint job.

We’ll Make Your Car Look Fabulous

If you want to restore your vehicle’s shine, call the automotive painting experts at JD Collision Express in San Antonio, Texas, today. Whether it’s a simple touchup or a complete color change, our technicians will make your car look fabulous.

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